5 Secrets that will make you a KILLER CONTENT WRITER

5 Secrets that will make you a KILLER CONTENT WRITER

1 Easy Tips
2 Easy Reading
3 Vivid Imagery
4 Vivid Stories
5 Easy Grammar

These are the basics. Eventually you’ll be reading the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WRITING

1. This content will make YOU better

This article applies to you. Every article you write is a promise that you will make their life more interesting somehow. That’s why this phrase “Will Make You” is the most common phrase in mega popular articles. Even the most interesting subject in the world can be spiced up by how it applies to the person reading this article. Use YOU, how does this effect you?

2. Highlight the takeaways

I’m sure you understand that the reason this is a list is because it better highlights these tips. Emphasizing certain points in your writing is important in sales copy and content. A tip so simple that it can’t be ignored. If you want to get better, every morning you should be test practicing to paint this imagery in your writing.

3. Danger, Delicious Food, and Romance

Sex sells but all 3 of these things are vivid imagery the human brain can’t ignore. Because of survival instincts the human mind can’t ignore sex, danger, or food. Content marketing at scale provides millions of views in traffic to you and whatever you want to sell. Make your imagery stunning.s

4. YOU will tell KILLER stories

Once upon a time there was someone reading an article about content writing. They felt the call to improve their skills. Then a celebrity they admired said that when you wake up you should spend 4 hours dedicated to improving the main skills of your life either by working or by hobby. This relatable problem was met with a celebrity solution, and the idea had credibility so all that was left was the call to action being taken. Starting small the reader incorporated this habit into their morning routine and improved their level of freedom and skill 10X.

5. Grammar is easy

Just read this. No one understands grammar. I’ll admit my grammar sucks but improving is a journey. Sonder is a word because some random guy said it was and people liked it. Languages are confusing so make sure you don’t have a bad identity like ”oh well I’m not good at grammar.” You didn’t used to be good at grammar, but then you stepped up and learned more about it.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” — David Oglivy (The Father of Advertising)

The most important thing is not getting things right, but getting things done. The main thing you should get done is making your workflow easy to get it done right and quickly. This is why my favorite book is the Miracle Morning. Every morning focus on the 1 most important skill building piece of work. You can become better, so work on being better the first thing each day

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