SQFcoin.com is liquid Real Estate. This is best investment to have in your portfolio and here’s why. There are many problems in Real Estate: High investment, Co-Living isn’t optimized, It’s not a liquid asset class yet. You’re getting a unique investment opportunity because all these problems have been solved.

SQFcoin.com is the future of liquid Real Estate transactions. A crypto currency with a value based on rental cashflow and real estate value. We take good real estate investments and turn them into optimized co-living spaces for business owners. Our optimized living spaces get 15-30% higher than market rent per room. This model gives us some of the best cashflow in the Real Estate Investing industry. Instead of locking up your money, you can cash out your investment via trade or convert fractions of it into crypto currency. During crashes like 2008 rental income didn’t go down. Imagine having a crash proof crypto-currency and real estate investment in your portfolio.

A 2008 recession is the thing everyone looks out for, you want a safe investment with high returns. 2008 brought down: Fiat Currency, Stocks, speculative tech investments, and Real Estate prices. If a crash happened tomorrow we would be perfectly positioned to buy cheap real estate and turn it into cashflow. Rental cashflow doesn’t go down during a recession, so our crypto-currency and company would retain all it’s value because we don’t plan to cash out any Real Estate but buy more at a discount. Imagine having this investment safety during a crash.

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